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Sample of graphic design of poster for photo exhibition.



A poster of an annual photo exhibition organized by the International Comittee of the Red Cross (ICRC), the Japanese Red Cross, and Canon. What we did was not only the design of the promotional materials but also proposed the concept and selection of photographs in the exhibition which was an additional collaboration with Magnum Photos.

Promotions on social media reached more than 1.5 times the audience compared to the previous year, and the engagement rate was 1.7%, higher than the other events in the year.

Sample of logo design for nail salon.



for a nail salon

Sample of logo design for interior decorator, furniture retailer.



for an interior decorator, furniture retailer

Sample of logo design for food stall.



for a food stall

Sample of graphic design of poster for photo exhibition



A poster for promoting sales of curtains at a furniture store. The store targeted the 20s and 30s female customers and tried to sell reasonably priced items. We designed the poster a pop and highlighted off the price to attract the range of the targets.

Sales of the curtain in the campaign week recorded about 300% compared to normal sales.

Sample of graphic design of brochure for annual report.



We design a brochure of the annual report of the organization. The layout of the contents was ordered so as to the viewers easily understand the activity of the organization, infographics and graphs were used effectively to make the brochure readable.

The new design was received positively, gained 93% of positive feedback on Servey Monkey.

We design thoroughly until the output meets your needs, deliver sustainable brand & visual identity.